Antonio Bond

Antonio Bond is a native Austinite, hailing from the 78704 way of life. He stumbled into flower arranging by accident, working in the floral department at a local grocery store. He started small, doing weddings for his friends. Slowly, his popularity grew. He begin curating his unique style and has since become the preferred florist at Hotel St. Cecilia. He has done such events as the Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards, movie premiers, SXSW Events, and openings for local restaurants.

He finds inspiration in the Texas landscape and wildlife. He enjoys creating cutting edge floral designs that incorporate found objects, bones, gemstones and other natural materials. He prefers using wood and vintage glass vessels as opposed to modern vases. While he is interested in pushing the boundaries with new and innovative design, he also respects individual client preferences and is wiling to work with them to create the events and weddings of their dreams.